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Who I am and why I made this site.


Hi my name is Andy and I live in sunny Perth Western Australia. I have been a dedicated Alice Cooper fan forever and collect anything to do with “The Coop”.

Mum thought that at the age of 12 there was something seriously wrong with me. I stole my sisters doll, drew on the black eyes and hung it by the neck in the corner of my room. “Andrew are you feeling alright” she asked? "That Can’t be normal Terry ( my dad ) can it? Surely not?"

That’s when it all started, My first album was Welcome To My Nightmare, still the best album in my opinion. My favourite song mind you is Elected.

My biggest inspiration to collect more items came later on in my life from meeting a great bloke by the name of Dean Kellett who had the most amazing collection of Alice items I have ever seen. Unfortunately Dean passed away way too soon. He did however receive the ultimate Alice collectable a personal message from Alice to Dean at his funeral. A Great man i still really miss, I’m sure Deano is singing You and Me up in Heaven right now.

Dean fortunately or unfortunately which ever way you look at it showed me a book by Dale Sherman called the illustrated collectors guide to Alice Cooper. I didn’t realise there was so many albums that I didn’t have. Bad move reading that book.

Soon after that via the dreaded internet I came across Rowan Cox who had one the largest collection of Alice albums in the world and guess what he was selling some of them.

I have spoken to Alice on so many occasions he just about knows my name. Fortunately for him I hate flying so I can only get to see him when he comes to Perth. He is the most obliging rock stars I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Alice is always happy to stop and sign just about anything. You will find another section on this site of signed guitars I have obtained over the years. If only I had a section for all the people that won’t sign guitars.

One of my other passions cars and bikes there is another section for that.

I decided to build this website so that people can use it as a point of reference for anything you might want to know about Alice Cooper. This is only a small selection of what is available to collect. Be warned if you start it could end up getting well out of control. There are a few other Alice Cooper fan websites to visit please go to the Links menu and go have a look. If you have an Alice Cooper related website that we can exchange links more than happy to do that.

I own everything on this site. Yes call me crazy. My Alice Vinyl collection is getting a little bit out of control! There are also CD's, DVD's, 8-Tracks, Reel-Reel, Books, t shirts and of course memorabilia.

Have a browse through the menus above and see some of the many items I have collected over the years that are Alice Cooper related. I do hope you enjoy reading through them.

I Have added a swap section as I have many doubles, so if you see anything you like and have something I like we can do a deal. I’m not keen on selling rather trade anything I have doubles of.

I am always on the lookout for items to add to the collection be it big or small, vinyl albums are my main passion. Feel free to contact me if you have something I don't have. Freebies are gratefully accepted ( Ha Ha )

Cheers and Enjoy and Hey “Remember The Coop”

Thanks Andy


Alice Cooper Bio

Alice Cooper (born Vincent Damon Furnier; February 4, 1948) is an American singer, songwriter, musician and occasional actor whose career spans five decades. With a stage show that features guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood, boa constrictors, baby dolls, and dueling swords, Cooper is considered by music journalists and peers alike to be "The Godfather of Shock Rock"; he has drawn equally from horror movies, vaudeville, and garage rock to pioneer a macabre, theatrical brand of rock designed to shock people.[2] Cooper is also known for his distinctive raspy voice.

Originating in Phoenix in the late 1960s after he moved from Detroit, Alice Cooper was originally a band consisting of Furnier on vocals and harmonica, lead guitarist Glen BuxtonMichael Bruce on rhythm guitar, Dennis Dunaway on bass guitar, and drummer Neal Smith. The original Alice Cooper band broke into the international music mainstream with the 1971 hit "I'm Eighteen" from the album Love It to Death, which was followed by the even bigger single "School's Out" in 1972. The band reached their commercial peak with the 1973 album Billion Dollar Babies.

Furnier adopted the band's name as his own name in the 1970s and began a solo career with the 1975 concept album Welcome to My Nightmare. In 2011 he released Welcome 2 My Nightmare, his 19th album as a solo artist, and his 26th album in total. Expanding from his Detroit rock roots, in his career Cooper has experimented with a number of musical styles, including art rockhard rockheavy metalnew wavepop rockexperimental rock and industrial rock.

Alice Cooper is known for his social and witty persona offstage, with The Rolling Stone Album Guide calling him the world's most "beloved heavy metal entertainer". He is credited with helping to shape the sound and look of heavy metal, and has been described as the artist who "first introduced horror imagery to rock'n'roll, and whose stagecraft and showmanship have permanently transformed the genre". Away from music, Cooper is a film actor, a golfing celebrity, a restaurateur, and, since 2004, a popular radio DJ with his classic rock show Nights with Alice Cooper.

In 2011, the original Alice Cooper band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


 Source: Wikipedia




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